This blog is a fruit of the collaboration of three minds: Nikolai O’Brien, Bréanainn Holanda and the editor.

Nikolai is a story-teller, a culler of tall tales, and Bréanainn is a thinker.

Nikolai travels the world without guidebooks, cameras or itineraries, for one can always find open doors, willing guides, warm beds and worthy sights if one possesses a quick wit and an unshackled heart. Bréanainn has occasionally considered dropping everything and becoming a pilgrim, but where to go and why?

Nikolai is bisexual and loves sex, good conversation and meeting new people, and Bréanainn is a virgin and recluse fully devoted to reflection and truth-seeking, fearful that even time spent writing is a betrayal of his one great passion.

Bréanainn is an avid reader of literature, philosophy, history and the natural sciences, a language student, and a compulsive follower of current events and social networks; the inevitable confrontation with his own irredeemable ignorance torments him. Nikolai claims to have never read a book in his life to keep his art pure; life and his muse provide more than sufficient creative inspiration, indeed, what need should a genius of unparalleled originality have for the soulless brown rivers of incessant babble?

Nikolai is an agnostic, more interested in making art than in clarifying religious matters, and Bréanainn believes in a God whom he would be afraid to offend by limiting with human words and for whom his life has surely proven inadequate.

Bréanainn would have liked to live in Athens in the days of Plato and Euripides or in the 19th century in a lonely cabin in the Alps. Nikolai is a creature of his time.

Bréanainn ponders the world to fight back his sorrow. Nikolai laughs at the world to stifle his wrath.

The editor is, well, respectfully and humbly just the editor.

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