The noise they make


Loving other people hurts
Why didn’t you tell me?

Not the romance
That part’s easy
I watched the movie

but the other one

Sharing space,
the noise they make
their smell
and stupid favorite color

They won’t shut up
They won’t shut up
Do you know what I mean?
They won’t shut up

There’s a meanness

I can’t whisper an X
without someone telling me no
and they think they’re right
but what do they know?

Answer me
Are they stupid or dumb?

Even when we agree, just look at
that shirt they got on
that looks like a bird shat on
Are they blind?

I wouldn’t lend them a dime
if they were dying
fuckers don’t deserve to go to heaven

I’m steel that would not bend

And yet life won’t let go
despite the smudges in the window
a glare still gets in

Despite the fog
like a silly poem on a metal rod
a nauseating hope melts within

And it’s hard
I know it’s hard
they’ll take everything from your pants to your name
I can’t imagine any other way
it’s the world I live in

It’s too cold outside
and they need me
I’ll build a place for us to live
if it kills me

Just make me an opening
so sun can get in
and I’ll be there

I’ll be there

I’ll be there?


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